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Creation of the low-power intellectual information managing systems of the rolling stock of Ukrainian railways

Work number - M 99 FILED

Challengers:Zakovorotniy A.Y.,Mezentsev N.V.

Organization:National Technical University "Kharkov Polytechnic Institute".

In this paper we solved the fundamental scientific and technical challenge of building a modern intellectual onboard computer decision support system for the driver of diesel train of domestic production with asynchronous electric traction, which corresponds to today's advanced computer-aided traffic control that apply to rail transport of CIS, Japan, the European Union and America.

We justify the fundamental method of dynamic linearization of mathematical models of the rolling stock with the help of modern geometric control theory, which allows you to create optimum traction moment oftrains in real time and significantly improve the efficiency and operational performance of Ukrainian railway. Also we designed a new version of the fundamental method of analytic construction of regulators by the generalized work criteria allowed to that create modern regulators that, take into account the change in the structure of the control system, and significantly reduce fuel and energy costs compared to systems that are still used on the railways of Ukraine.

The experimental studies of developed onboard decision support system engineer synthesized regulators and optimal control laws diesel-electric drive train, confirmed the accuracy of the proposed application and scientific and technical solutions for the automation of control processes of Ukrainian railway rolling. The onboard computer intelligent decision support system by engineer allowed to reduce by 6% volume of consumed diesel fuel during train movement on a complex profile of the railway track.

Research materials presented in this paper are, published in 73 scientific works, including international journals contained in the Scopus database with impact factor (without self-citation ) – 0,012 (fill 2011) 8 articles are published (number of citations – 3) and international journals contained in the Elibrary database with impact factor RISC (without self-citation) – 0.036 (fill 2011) 24 articles are published (number of
citations – 7). The main results were presented at 26 international scientific conferences, 4 patents of Ukraine and 8 implementing acts are received. Main results have been implemented on the "Passenger car shed Kharkiv-Sorting" (Kharkov) in determining the optimal timing of operation of rolling stock on the plant "Electrotyazhmash" (Kharkov) and Ukrainian Research Institute of Power Electronics "Сonverter" (Zaporozhye) when the control system of diesel-electric train was developed with AC, and "Harkovgorlift" (Kharkov) when it was technical diagnostics of asynchronous drives. The work artificial neural networks developed in the implemented in the educational process of NTU "KPI" at the Department of "Computers and Programming" for the students of specialty 7.050102 "Computer Engineering".