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The creation of energy-efficient railway transport to realize speed passenger transportation

Work number - P 22 FILED

Presented by SE “UkrNDIV” (Kremenchuk)

Authors: Safronov O.M.,Kramarenko M.V., Lutonin S.V., Kostrytsia S.A., Shysh V.O., Bushuiev V.V., Grechkin O.A., Loktionov D.V.

The objective of the work is the provision of Ukrainian population with modern motor-car rolling stock for the operation at the railways of 1520 mm gage with increased comfort level of passenger transportation, transportation speed rise, decrease of energy expenditures for motion provision and expenses for the maintenance and repair.  

On the basis of theoretical investigations and experiments the authors determined the parameters and technical peculiarities of the specified rolling stock which meets the highest criteria of modern analogues of leading manufactures.

It was created the scientific base of modeling of complicated technical systems which are used in modern motor-car rolling stock for the possibility to forecast their behavior at the stage of projecting.

There were formed the conceptual bases of layout arrangements of modern motor-car rolling stock taking into consideration the climate and infrastructure of Ukraine. The strategy directions of its development were determined.

It was also offered the production of modern motor-car rolling stock in order to substitute the off-market trains and those which reached the ceiling of their life cycle and which are the property of “Ukrzaliznytsia” PJSC.  

Two-system interregional electric trains of ЕКр1 model and diesel train ДПКр-2 were put into production. 

This rolling stock was compared with the leading world analogues such as “Hyundai Rotem” (South Korea), “Siemens” (Germany), “Talgo” (Spain), “Alstom” (France), JSC “METROVAGONMASH” (Russia), “STADLER” (Switzerland) (see Book 2). 

Beginning from 18.06.2014 two two-system interregional electric trains of ЕКр1 model were implemented in the commercial operation. One diesel train ДПКр-2 was implemented into commercial operation beginning from 01.10.2015.

Economic effect from the implementation of new samples of the equipment composes:

  • as for electric trains ЕКр1 – economic effect received during the specified service life till disposition (50 years) composes 520 mn  UAH for one electric train or 1 bln 40 mn UAH for two electric trains;
  • as for diesel train ДПКр-2  – 2 mn UAH for the period from 2015 till 2017 inclusively.

The number of publications: 17 including 1 monographs, 16 articles. The novelty and compatibility of technical decisions are protected with 9 patents.