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Creation and implementation of innovative technologies electric steelmaking alloy steel special purpose


Presented by: National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


Authors: Kornievsky V.N., Kiyko S.G., Logozinsky I.N., Shibeko P.A., Salnikov A.S., Gorobets A.P., Gubenko S.I., Togobitskaya D.N.


The aim of the work is to create innovative technologies for electric steelmaking production of alloyed steels with integrated quality indicators.

The authors on the basis of theoretical studies and performed in an industrial environment experiments determined target complex quality control steels in multistage technological schemes of production of the bearing and stainless metal.

As part of the development of the theory of metallurgical processes the scientific basis of theoretical positions of formation of non-metallic inclusions with the influence of the content and ratio-deoxidizing elements was created, on the basis of modern provisions Metal physic experimentally investigated and substantiated classification of microstructure defects of interfaces "steel matrix - non-metallic inclusion of" subject to the conditions of strain redistribution and heat treatment of metal was developed.

On the basis of information-mathematical modeling, the information base for quality management as a complex multidimensional characteristic was formed.

Technological schemes of metal deoxidation, temperature-time regimes of heat treatment of bearing and stainless steel grades were proposed.

The concept in the manufacture of bearing steels with the influence of the conditions of metal crystallization on the formation of nonmetallic inclusions and defects of metal macrostructure was implemented of  ferroalloys diversification, a new type of molds with non-profit extensions created and introduced, technology lining of casting ladles thixotropic concrete mass was implemented.

The integrated quality management system for metal products of the entire technological scheme of production of alloyed steels of special purpose has ensured compliance with the requirements of domestic and world standards ASTM, DIN, JSK.

The total economic effect in all areas of work is 254 million 235 thousand UAH.

Number of publications:59, incl. 9 monographs, 50 articles. According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to authors' publications presented in the work is 112, the h-index (for work) = 8; according to the base Google Scholar data the total number of links - is 231 h-index (for work) = 12. The novelty and competitive technical solutions protected by 9 patents. One candidate's thesis is defended on this subject. Prepared for defense 1 candidate, 2 doctoral dissertations.