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Creation and implementation of high-performance industrial machinery using elastomeric materials in production, processing and mineral processing

Work number - P 35 AWARDED

Authors:Dyrda V.I., Voloshin A.I., Gubin G.V., Morus V.L., Nadutyy V.P., Popovich I.N., Pukhalskiy V.N., Smirnov A.V., Sorokin A .G., Khokhotva A.I.


The present work is completed stage of research, industrial testing and implementation of new mining machines with elastomeric elements.

In this paper we solved an important scientific and technical challenge of creating a fundamentally new class of machines with elastomeric elements - elastic constraints and wear-resistant surfaces - which helped to create and implement a large-scale implementation highly effective equipment to meet the requirements for technical and technological performance and operation safety.

The scientific principles and methodology of calculation of mining machines with elastomeric elements are developed, a fundamental theory of deformation and fracture of elastomeric materials as elastic-hereditary media are created.

64 standard sizes of mining machines are developed and implemented: vibroshakers, vibrating feeders, trommel screens, nodulizers, scrubber-butars, etc.; mountain feeders of 14 standard sizes over 18000 pieces, mining machines of various technological appointment of 50 standard sizes over 1450 pieces are made and implanted.

The new constructions of mining machines with elastomeric elements protected by patents and based on them a new resource- and energy-saving technologies of production, refining and mineral processing indicate the world level.

Economic effect of implementing works in production made from 1974 on 2011 – 1 billion 355232,711 rbl. and with 2000 on 2013 234747590 grn.

Scientific results of the work are reflected in 35 monographies, more than 800 papers. Novelty and competitiveness of designs are protected by 150 copyright certificates and 60 patents. 14 doctor's and 8 master's theses are protected on this subject. Total number of links to publications by the authors is 6237 (according to the database SCOPUS), index h32.