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Creation of amanagement system by a national information-communication infrastructure



Kryvutsa V.G.,  Berkman  L.N., Kilchitskij E.V., Koval V. V., Kostik B.I., Lysenko V. P.,  Oliynyk V.F.,   Popovskiy V.V., Slusar V.O.



Scientifically-practical work is presented by the State university informatively communication technologies.


Developments of creative collective decided the complex problem of construction on principle new management system by national information-communication  infrastructure with achievement, necessary in modern terms, efficiency and economy of management both traditional and newest networks, which after the level answers the best world developments, and after the row of parameters and exceeds them.

The materials given by authors are reproduced by combinations of fundamental and applied developments with their introduction in the operating National system of operatively-technical  management by information-communication by an infrastructure. Offered management system owns such properties, which will allow to carry out the management of the most perspective services which will appear in the process of informatization of Ukraine on the base of new and innovative technologies a spectrum.

In scientifically-practicalwork the new methods of construction of infocommunication networks are presented on the base of the newest technologies. The original methods of calculation of parameters of management system, which unlike existing provide overcoming of problem of their planning in the conditions of a priori vagueness on the basis of multicriterion optimization taking into account the requirements of standards recommendations of international organizations on questions interaction and management of ISO/OSI model  the open informative systems, are offered. It is developed: the package of documents which defined a task and functions of the National center of management in the conditions of extraordinary situations is exhaust interacting with power ministries and departments, other public institutions and national statements of telecommunications. The combined structure of management system, which provides to the system both property of adaptiveness to  the forecast slow indignations and invariance to the casual revolting factors, is offered, that takes into account the state of extraordinary situations.Ideas of construction of econometric models with the use of piece-linear casual processes and the methods of determination of the forecast indexes were found by displaying at determination of tasks and functions of management system in the conditions of extraordinary situations (tasks are meaningful for to date). It is developed and embedded on the regional networks of telecommunications energy keeping device of time synchronization, which allowed to decrease an energy consumption on the whole national management system.

Basic scientific and technical job performances are published in 18 monographs,  16 textbooks, more than in 350 articles in scientific magazines. Novelty and competitiveness of technical decisions protected  by 41 copyright certificates on inventions and patents. Under the direction of authors protected a 12 doctor and 37 candidate's dissertations.