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Cooperative model of national economy

Work number - M 36 AWARDED


Author (Manzhura AlexanderVasilyevich).

The purpose of the study is to develop theoretical principles, methodological bases and practical recommendations for the formation of a cooperative model for the national economy of Ukraine.

The article shows methodological foundations and evolution of the views referring the nature and socio-economic significance of cooperatives. There were determined, systematized and developed: the preconditions for the emergence and genesis of the cooperative movement in the world and in Ukraine; the principles of activity of international cooperative organizations and the problem of their membership in Ukraine; the conceptual principles for the formation of a cooperative model in the national economy. There were generalized, determined and analyzed: the past and present experience for functioning of the European cooperative system in banking and insurance sectors; the features of construction and state regulation of the credit and cooperative system in Ukraine with the evaluation of its economic condition; features of the formation for capital and regional distribution of assets of credit unions in Ukraine. There were substantiated conceptual principles for the reform of consumer cooperatives in Ukraine. There was provided the evaluation of the development for consumer cooperatives sectors; generalized organizational and legal forms of management. There were proposed the directions of improvement for cooperative policy in consumer cooperatives. There was given the estimation of efficiency and investment provision for the agrarian sector in Ukraine. There was substantiated the typology of agricultural cooperatives; the ways of strengthening the cooperative identity in consumer and agrarian cooperatives on the basis of their integration. There was formalized the integrative cooperative model of national economy.  The article determined the priority directions of development of consumer and agrarian cooperation in Ukraine under the conditions of European integration as well as marketing aspects of the reform for the consumer cooperation system in Ukraine with the methodical approach to the development of the potential in agricultural cooperatives based on business planning.

The developed scientific and methodological recommendations are implemented in the practice of the state authorities, local government bodies, cooperatives, consumer associations, credit unions and their associations. The practical value of the recommendations is to create effective prerequisites for the development of the cooperative movement in various sectors of the national economy.

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