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Controllable effects of plastic deformation of product pieces for metallurgy and transport


Authors: V.V. Dragobetskii, A.A. Shapoval, O.F. Salenko, G.I, Legotkin, O.G. Slyepynin , V.V. Chigirinskii, Y.S. Kresanov, V.A. Gabelko, S.N. Paholka

The  work is presented by Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University.

The work aims at solution of the scientific and technical problem of the development of the theoretical principles and scientific regulations of working out optimization models and mechanisms for effective operation of the parameters improving technological processes of plastic and thermoplastic deformation of materials for manufacturing metallurgy products and transport vehicles of a higher quality, with a high of operational performances.

Scientific novelty lies in the fact that for the first time developed:

- A new concept and principles of processes of plastic deformation and thermoplastic materials with the objective of optimum parameters of thermal and power load;

- Principles of mathematical modeling of stress-strain state and calculation of optimal technological parameters of plastic deformation and thermoplastic materials;

- Established mechanisms of strain hardening, sealing, calibration and optimum deformation and impact on the structure and parameters of the processes include intense shear deformation;

The practical significance of the work lies in the fact that:

- Developed and introduced into production a new technological scheme of tungsten cathodes tapes and high quality with high performance characteristics;

- Processing facility designed for mass production of composite electrode active elements;

– Output of more than 300 modifications of wheel rims and parts amounting to 6,5 million pcs per year and 19 items ITC and CST blade pieces of Д-36, AI-25, TV3-117 aircraft engines is arranged. Blades are of VT-8, VT3-1 titanium allays, 14X17H2-Ш and 15X16Y2FM-Ш stainless steels and XH77TЮР-ВД high-temperature alloys.

The main results were published in 9 monographs, a manual, approved by the. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 422 articles (46 abroad), 153 patents, author’s certificates and abstracts of 53  international scientific symposia and conferences. In international scientometric databases the following publications were found: SCOPUS – 12, ULRICH'S PERIODICALS DIRECTORY – 20, INDEX COPERNICUS – 17, INSPEC – 9, ISI Web of Knowledge – 4.