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Complex development gas-coal deposits on the basis of productive drilling technologies



Naumko I.M., Moisyshyn V.M., Pilipets V.I., Radchenko V.V, Halimendikov E.N., Kozhushok O.D., Zinchenko S.A., Shevelev V.L., Yushkov E.A., Turchin V.A.


Presented by Institute of geology and geochemistry of fossils, Ukrainian  National Academy of Science


Presented work resolved an urgent scientific and technological problem of commercial complex development of gas-coal deposits. As a results, share of utilized energetic resources increased as well as profitability and safety of underground coal extraction, pollutions of greenhouse gas methane to the environment reduced, energetic independence of our country relaxed owing to additional extraction of non traditional gas and cutback of Ukrainian dependence on natural gas import.

A theory has been developed for synthesis and genesis hydrocarbons in Earth lithosphere. New theoretic basis have been developed for quick drilling using optimal parameters for productive technologies of well boring. Authors found the effects that collapsed the degassing wells during undermining with longwalls. 

Establishment of mining production park and drilling module was consequence of research works. The concordant operation of these modules provided productive and stable organization for quick drilling project realization, intensive and safe extraction of coal using mechanized longwalls, effective degassing, radical reduction of investment for development drilling technology.  New methods of rapid drilling and design of drilling column elements were implemented into practice.

Worldwide novelty of developed technologies confided by diploma for discovery of new effect and by patents for drilling methods and designs. Scientific results were presented on international conferences.  


Scientific results of the work have been published in 9 books and 179 papers in peer-reviewed journals. Novelty and ability for competition provided by 25 patents on methods and designs. Total number of publications of Authors of this work is 216 items.