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Clinical and morphological substantiation of complex treatment of pathological scars, localize in areas of the head and neck

Work number - M 48 AWARDED

Stavickiy S. A.

Higher state educational establishment of Ukraine "Ukrainian medical stomatological academy"

Sientific study is devoted to improving the effectiveness of diagnosis and complex treatment of patients with keloid and hypertrophic scars of the head and neck, in particular, to improve the clinical current, reduce the frequency of recurrence and reduce of the duration of treatment by using of intracicatrical injections of antihypoxant emoxipin in combination with phonophoresis of gel "Kontraktubeks".

         The goal of the study. The goal of the study was the improvement of functional and aesthetic results of complex treatment of patients with keloid and hypertrophic scars of various origins and minimize of its recurrence.

         The resalts of clinical work are based on examinations and treatment of 74 patients with pathological scars of the head and neck, which were divided into two groups depending on the type of medical treatment.

         Clinical-morphological investigations substante the using of antihypoxanttherapy for medical treatment of patients with pathological scars of head and neck at preoperativestage. Significantly decrease of activity oftotalNO-synthaseand concentration of nitrit-anions at homogenates ofpathological scars was determined after using of proposed treatment. Based on the results, practical recommendations are given to improve algorithms of diagnosis and treatment of patients with keloid and hypertrophicscars of head and neck.

         Total quantity of publications – 86. The quantity of publications by the theme of study – 70, articles – 19 at native jurnals and 7 at foreing jurnals, patents – 11, innovation – 1, information sheed – 1, abstracts that were published as matherials of conference – 29, 1 monograph and nathoinal textbook about plastic surgery.