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Child's educational editions: to the problem of preparation of future editors


Mykolaienko N.

Research is devoted the problem of preparation of future editors of child's educational editions. The historical analysis of formation and development of children's educational editions as the theoretical basis of the actualized problem is made. The theoretical principles of editorial activity are grounded in order to improve the quality of printed publications, its content and structure are defined.

The domestic and foreign experience of book activities in the context of the transformation of educational children's publishing products are analyzed. The theoretical and methodological foundations of the problem of development of children's educational editions are determined.

The criteria and indicators of the level of formation of the investigated culture are determined and characterized. The model of formation of professional culture of prospective editors of children's educational editions in the process of their professional training in modernization of modern education is methodologically substantiated. The effectiveness of its implementation has been experimentally tested and prospects for further scientific research are outlined.