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Bibliometric researches of the ukrainian periodicals

Work number - M 36 AWARDED

Authors: Symonenko T., Kykharchuk E.

The annotation is represented by the V.I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.

This paper represents the solution of the main scientific and technical problem in science and information sphere development of the state, based on convergence of research and publishing, library and information, as well as on bibliometric processes.

The paper demonstrates the research which was held in order to investigate international and national bibliometric systems in terms of adaptation of their information and technology solutions to the national scientific space. The expediency of integration of qualitative and quantitative methods for evaluating the results of scientific activity of scientists and research institutions through expert analysis of the materials obtained in the course of formal bibliometric analysis is proved. The methodical principles of construction of cognitive-based system for bibliometric studies of documentary flows are worked out which combine monitoring of publication activity and citation of users of scientific communication system with the analysis of the intensity of network use of the materials published by them.

Technological aspects of integration of national electronic periodicals with the platforms of the most important for scientific community informational projects (in particular, the Google Scholar) are implemented which allows to draw the bibliometric tools laid in them to the analysis of national publications.

The theme of the paper is covered in 33 publications, of them 1 monography is written in co-authorship, 15 articles are published in science journals (1 in the foreign journal) and 17 conference abstracts published in the collection of scientific works.

According to search and bibliometric system Google Scholar, 23 publications were indexed, which were cited 16 times. The Hirsch index is 3.