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The Adaptation of Coal Plow Mining technology for Mining and Geological conditions of the Western Donbass Mines

Work number - M 55 FILED

Authors: Ivanov O.S., Kravchenko K.V., Khalymendyk O.V., Dubits’ka M.S.

ThisworkispresentedbyThe National Mining University.

The results are presented in 12 articles. In 2012 three articles was sent to print in SCOPUS magazines (currently already published).

The aim is to establish patterns of geomechanical processes in the rock mass during the rapid outwork due to plow clearing. On that basis, the new technical solutions applied to all the new technology implementation stages concerning complex geological conditions of the Western Donbass mines.

Scientific novelty:

- Determining patterns of geomechanical processes in the rock mass at all stages of preparation and clearing of coal seams concerning the complexity of geological and technical situation;

- Establishing patterns of stress-strain distribution around the excavations in the zone of longwall influence;

- The development of the acoustic signal processing techniques to explore irregularities in the rock mass.

The authors group in the current large-scale task solved one of the stages of a strategic program of efficiency and safety level improving for the coal mines of Western Donbass.

Obtained scientific and practical results already used by structural units of ”DTEK Pavlogradugol” while designing of coal horizons and excavation sites. Economic effect of the results of more than 5.5 mln. per one mining site.