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AN-148 Airplane design, building and setting into operation



Vasilevsky E.T., Inkov V.D., Ishuk V.P., Kudryavtsev V.A., Podgrebelny N.S., Potapenko P.V., Protsenko G.B., Sidorov A.S., Fedorov S.I., FilichevA.V. 



Presented by the ANTONOV Company


The paper states the purpose, major research-and-development efforts, experimental investigations and tests, techniques and industrial engineering, certification activities, after-sale support, service and training, and besides, the results of launching in service of the An-148-100 aircraft and its modifications.

The accomplished work result was a unique jet passenger airplane with high-mounted engines: such arrangement has enabled to operate it on ground and poorly prepared runways. The aerodynamic configuration has allowed this domestic project to become the first high-winged passenger aircraft in the world with a capability of cruising flight at a speed of 870 km/h, maximum (М=0.8). It exceeded the international level of titanium alloys application the in the landing gear structure, and met the world practice in the use of modern composite and metal aerospace materials. The regional An-148-100 aircraft absolute equals with the В-737 and А320 passenger airliners as far as the level of passenger comfort and the capability of being operated in unfavorable climatic and high latitude conditions.

The paper shows that the catalogue price and direct operating costs of the An-148-100 aircraft are lower than those of the similar airplanes ERJ‑170, ERJ-175 and СRJ700, which makes competitive the An-148-100 aircraft at the international market. In contrast to the comparable in their purpose imported foreign-made aircraft, the entire An-148-100 design, series production and in-service launch results in the economic effect of 2287.6 million USD to the public budget of Ukraine as taxes and duties, including the real saving rate of 52.7 million USD. Some data concerning potential growth of employment and the conditions for development of industrial science in Ukraine are presented. During the work 29 scientific publications have been released, 14 persons have achieved degree of the candidate of technical science, one person has achieved degree of the candidate of economical science and one person has achieved degree of the doctor of technical science.